28 Days of Encouragement: Opportunity

life opportunity 2

Often times, I hear people I work around or associate with talking about a lack of opportunity available to them. Somebody else was given the better job over them or there isn’t another job out there that pays more than the one they presently have. Their statements couldn’t be anymore untrue because opportunity is all around us. We live in the greatest country on earth where anyone with a little ambition can pursue multiple opportunities.

There are several types of opportunities. There are career opportunities, opportunities to serve others by volunteering or giving to others, missions, and humanitarian pursuits. Opportunities are not always about financial gain but also chances to improve others lives.

One day your life will flash in front of your eyes. Make sure it is worth watching – unknown

Why don’t people pursue opportunities?

There are three main reasons that I feel are what hinders people from pursuing a better opportunity.

  • Fear of the unknown. Most people don’t like change. They are comfortable where they are at. They fear what the outcome of the opportunity will be. The biggest roadblock is themselves.
  • Fear of failure. Nobody likes to be wrong. What if the work environment is toxic and I don’t fit in? What if I take the job and then have buyer’s remorse? Could I go back to my old job? What are people going to say about me?
  • Failure to recognize a new opportunity. If people aren’t looking for an opportunity, they don’t know recognize the potential of the opportunity. Often times, they pursue other things without realizing the opportunity that already exists for them. For example, the Mcdonald brothers developed a quick way to make hamburgers. They opened a couple of restaurants with limited success. They thought that it had limited potential to be anything more than a local restaurant chain. So, they sold the rights to Mcdonald’s to Ray Kroc, a fast talking salesman who saw the potential for franchising the concept.  The fact they didn’t recognize the opportunity or potential of their system cost them millions of dollars. Today, everyone has a Mcdonald’s restaurant close to their house.

By changing nothing, nothing changes – Tony Robbins

Things to consider when pursuing an opportunity

  1. You should consider the worst case scenario if it doesn’t work out. Will it damage my reputation in the industry or will I be able to just move on to another company?
  2. Is it a better opportunity than I presently have? Does the job pay more or have better benefits? Is it a management or field position?
  3. Will it consume more of my time? The most precious thing that we have is time. Will I be required to work more hours than I am now? What shift will I be working?
  4. Are your pursuing the opportunity on your terms? Will the opportunity change or improve my standard of living? Is it adding value to someone else’s life.
  5. What are the opportunity costs. Opportunity costs represent the benefits an individual or business gives up when choosing one opportunity over another. You always have to give up something to pursue an opportunity.

Opportunity is everywhere. When one door closes, often times another new opportunity presents itself. Learn to identify opportunities and weigh the opportunity costs. Look for opportunities to do for others and not just financial gain for yourself. The satisfaction from serving others will far outweigh any financial opportunity.

You miss 100% of the shots you never take – Wayne Gretsky




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