28 Days of Encouragement: Attitude


Have you ever been to a restaurant where the server is in a foul mood? They act like they hate what they are doing and just wish that you would go away. This has happened to me on several occasions. It makes for a bad dining experience and makes you second guess whether you want to come back. The attitude of employees in the work place will influence a customer’s opinion about a business. A good restaurant can get a bad review just because of an employee’s demeanor. A heating and air conditioning company might not receive repeat business if the employee comes off the wrong way when servicing their unit.  Customers like to feel that they are the most important customer the company has. Employees often times don’t realize that they are the face of a business and are the first interaction a customer receives when they enter your establishment or do business with your service company.

There are several influences that can contribute to a bad attitude.  Your attitude can be  influenced by your emotions, expressed through your body language, facilitate your feelings toward a situation whether negative or positive, and be on display through your physical actions.

  • Emotional state of being is how you are feeling on the inside. Are you happy or sad? Sarcastic or your normal self? Your emotional state greatly influences your behavior. This is especially important in the service industry. We are often coached to not bring our personal problems to work with us because people can pick up on our external problems.
  • Body language is a good indicator of a person with an attitude. If you are walking around with a depressed look on your face or strut around in a combative fashion, people will recognize your demeanor and react accordingly. Have you ever heard the saying that “your bad attitude was written on your face.” Facial expressions are the key indicator of a bad attitude.
  • Negative feelings toward a person or situation will effect your attitude. When you are a normally negative person, it will show in how you treat people. If you are unhappy with your boss or a co-worker it will show in how you do your job.
  • A good or bad attitude will be on display to your customer and co-workers by your actions. I was watching the news the other day and they had a news story about an employee that had taken a bath in the sink of a Burger King. If this isn’t an indicator of a person’s bad attitude toward a job through their actions then I am missing something. The bad thing is that another employee filmed the incident and thought that is was appropriate to post on social media.

Effects of a bad apple in the bushel.

There are many effects on a business caused an employee or employees with a bad attitude. One effect is that the employee is not as committed to doing their job. Their productivity goes down and their commitment to efficiency in the work place falters. They tend to not be as efficient with budgets and job costing therefore allowing cost overruns or material waste.

Secondly,  a poor attitude weighs on employee moral. No one likes to be subjected to a negative attitude on a daily basis. It makes other employees unhappy with their jobs which effects employee retention.

One of the most detrimental effects is the interaction with your customers. If a customer thinks that you aren’t going to fulfill their needs in a timely manner then they will start looking elsewhere for the same service or item.

Attitude is a little thing that makes a BIG difference. – unknown

Maintaining a positive work environment is essential to a business’ success or failure. Managing employee moral will go a long way towards keeping employees engaged in their work, the customers happy, and the rate of employee retention low. Managers should strive to recognize a problem employee and correct their attitude or eliminate them.


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