28 Days of Encouragement: Faith


What is faith? Not in the biblical sense but from the perspective of self esteem or self confidence. Faith is what is required to achieve your dreams and desires. Faith in yourself and faith in your ability to follow through. Faith that the desire is achievable in a fixed period of time and the plan is going to work.

Have you ever had a voice in your head that kept telling you that you couldn’t do something. It’s not your wife. No matter how hard you tried you couldn’t overcome the negative thoughts in your mind. When I was 19 years old, I made a bad decision that forever changed my life. I have made several of these. I dropped out of college and decided that I would enter the world of work. People close to me told me that “I would be digging ditches the rest of my life.” For years, this was my motivation to prove them wrong, that and the fact that I don’t like the cold. I had faith in my ability to overcome this stupid decision but refrained from taking that leap to do something about it. After a life changing event in 2013, I developed the “burning desire” to go back and complete my college education. Once I realized that it was all up to me, the doubt left my mind and I was able to complete my education.  Faith in my ability and determination to complete my degree were the fuel that kept the burning desire fresh in my mind.  I did complete my education in 2016 although it was 30 years after I started.

On a daily basis, I struggle with feelings of doubt. Sometimes, I let the simplest task be overtaken by negative thoughts and what should be a meaningless task turns into major hassle. I try to tell myself that anything can happen as long as I put my mind to it. When I was doing night school online, I developed several ways to combat the self doubt and have faith in myself.

  • Succeed at small tasks that don’t seem so daunting. I took it one class at a time and celebrated each victory when I passed the class. I tried to not look at how many classes I still had to complete.
  • Surround yourself in only positive vibes. I only associated with positive thinking people, tried to only listen to upbeat music, and read only self help books to ensure my mind stayed focused.
  • Don’t fear failure. To me, this was the hardest. I feared that I would fail a class or wasn’t going to complete it. I learned to control my fear and put it out of my mind.
  • Remind yourself of your successes. I kept a lot of my notes and papers from my completed courses as a remind of my having succeeded in completing them. After a couple of semesters, I then threw them away using the most recent as motivation.

Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen-                   Ralph Waldo Emerson


Faith is what is required to make a desire come to fruition. Eliminating all self doubt and developing self esteem will guide you in seeing your dreams fulfilled. Steer clear of negative people and self defeating thoughts.


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