28 Days of Encouragement: Desire

desire 1

Desire is the starting point in achieving success in anything. According to the dictionary, desire is a “strong feeling of wanting to possess something or have something happen for them”. It creates the craving or force to take action to achieve the goal. It is the first step in the long climb in achieving any goal. The desire needs to be a burning desire from deep within in order to achieve your goals. A regular desire will not suffice because you will not be in the proper state of mind. A state of mind where you won’t stop for anything until you have succeeded. It is an uneasy, all over body feeling that pushes you to excel. Without a burning desire, you will probably give up and never see it accomplished.

To achieve anything you need a burning desire- Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill, the father of inspirational writing, wrote in his book, Think & Grow Rich, a six step plan to make your desire into a reality. Although his steps were intended for the accumulation of wealth, they can be used to accomplish any goal. I have modified his plan to fit my narrative for accomplishing any goal.
desire 2


Steps for transforming your desires into reality.

  • What do you desire? Of course this is the first thing that needs to be determined before we embark on the transformation plan. It can’t be an ordinary desire but a defined, burning desire that fills your mind with the power to accomplish it at all costs. For example, if your goal is to lose weight you can’t just say I want to lose weight but I want to lose 50 pounds. Be specific.
  • Fixate the exact goal in your mind. Using the same weight loss example, imagine yourself being slim wearing skinny jeans or a new toned you in a bathing suit. Store this picture in your mind to fuel the fire of desire. Imagine yourself accomplishing the goal and the reward that will come with it.
  • What are you going to give to achieve the goal. Nothing is free and everything comes with a price. The price of losing weight is to go on a diet, go to the gym, or take up a new way of living. Time is usually the biggest price to pay.
  • Establish a time line. If your goal is to look good for a vacation in June, then June 1 will be your deadline. It needs to have a starting point (today) and end date to be able to accomplish the goal otherwise it is just a wish.
  • Create a definite plan. The plan needs to be precise listing your steps to accomplish the feat. A diet plan has to have macros and a calorie limit. A fitness plan needs to list the daily routine. The plan has to have set dates with parameters in which to measure your progress. This will keep you focused on the prize.
  • Write out a concise statement listing the desire, what you are going to give up in exchange for the desire, your plan for carrying out the task, and the time limit to complete it. Putting it in writing makes it official and can be put into action. A written goal makes you accountable to yourself for its completion.
  • Read daily. Tape it to your bathroom mirror or your sun visor. Have it somewhere that is “in your face” daily. Read the affirmation at least three times in the morning and every time that your mind strays from the journey in accomplishing your goal throughout the day. Reading it over and over will keep it in the forefront of your mind.
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There isn’t a big secret to transforming your desires into reality. Just a concise plan, determination, and the will to see it through until the end. A goal without a written plan to achieve it is nothing more than a wish.



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