Click here for your SECRET to Success


Catchy title! It probably made you click the post though! I get similar titles daily in my email. My Facebook newsfeed is full of “10 ways to do….” or “99 ways to measure …” Catchy titles to entice you into buying their success course or webinars. I received an advertisement yesterday that basically told me I was a failure in life if I didn’t live a life of abundance. All I had to do was register for their course that would show me the secret of how to become a success. Of course it would set me back $495. The only person that would profit from it is the creator of the course not the poor fool like me that buys it.

This got me to thinking about how I measure success. I thought about it and determined that success is not about money or abundance. It, in my opinion,  is getting more out of myself than what I expected to get. Think about it, if you accomplish more than you set out to do than I think you are a success. Some people will say that I set my goals too low. I say “no.” I set my goals at a level that will make me happy and if I go above that than I was pretty successful in my mind. I agree with Richard Branson who said that “success is about happiness.”  John Wooden put his spin on it by saying that “success is about satisfaction.” At the end of the day if I have a happy life than I am quite satisfied.

“I measure success by how many people love me.” – Warren Buffet

To me, success is a constant journey to better one’s self while enjoying the people and things that God put in your life. If I wake up, look in the mirror, and like the person that is staring back at me than I am a success. We each have to create our own definition.

By the way, that SECRET that you were looking for. READ this very carefully. Success is all in your head because you shouldn’t care what everybody else thinks.






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