Success is Different when You’re Older.

In my previous post, the 15 Signs that you are getting old, I did a self assessment and discovered that I am truly getting old. Through some soul searching on what is important in life,  I have started to look at things from a different perspective. Money and material things aren’t as important as happiness and a piece of mind. My definition of a successful person has changed also. I am not talking about financial success or success in your job but success in the game of life. The happiness of the people close to me and providing a comfortable living environment have become my priority. I long for the freedom to spend more time with them and be more involved in raising my children.

Success to me is now finding a way to “work from wherever” without the constraint of having to show up to work everyday. Imagine the freedom this would bring. To accomplish this, I have two choices: leverage my work skills or talk my boss into working from home. Problem is my job is not conducive to working from home therefore that option is out. That leaves finding a way to leverage my work skills. I have worked over thirty years in the HVAC profession. Short of being a contract consultant, this probably isn’t feasible either. Therefore I am pursuing what I think is my true calling which is to add some encouragement and inspiration with a splash of humor to everyone’s day. I have plans to use my small corner of the web to supply a little joy to everyone’s life that follows my blog and learn a thing or two myself along the way. I challenge you to help with my mission of having a positive influence on 100,000 people’s lives and encourage people to succeed. So if you are up for the challenge, follow my blog and participate in the movement because to influence that many people it would truly be a movement. So if it inspires you, share a story because everyone has a story to tell.  Share your successes, failures, strengths, and weaknesses to help others in their journey through life. Together we can empower a whole generation. If I can accomplish this, I will feel like I am a success!

Coming February 1, the start of 28 Days of Encouragement. It is 28 days of inspirational stories and encouragement!


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