Signs, Signs, Everywhere there’s Signs

img_0295Have you been somewhere and something happens that makes you second guess what you are presently doing? This happened to me the other day at the bookstore. I was browsing the self improvement section and came across a book titled, The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes. I took the book and sat down in a chair in an aisle by the window. As I browsed through the pages reading chapter titles and reading small passages, I was startled by a loud thud. I looked up and saw that a large bible had fallen from the top shelf in front of me. I thought that maybe this was a sign? A sign that I was looking at the wrong book of greatness. This can be said about our personal and professional lives also. Do we always recognize the signs of opportunity or a potential better path in our lives? Have you passed on a job because you were scared of change or the unknown?  Been overcome with fear to pursue an opportunity or business venture? Without change there is no growth! I encourage everyone today to start being more aware of the signs around them and act upon your desire to pursue a brighter future. Most successful people were able to recognize the signs and pursue the correct path to greatness. By the way I put down the book I was reading and starting thumbing thru the Bible instead. It had to be divine intervention!

Coming in February, the Encouragement Project: 28 Days of Encouragement!


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