10 Common Traits of Successful People


       What is Success? According to Webster’s Dictionary, success is “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.”  I like George Sheehan’s definition better. He describes success as “having the courage, the determination, and the will  to become the person you believe you were meant to be.”

     There are also many types of success. Personal, professional, and financial just  to name a few. How do we measure success? What is considered by one person to be successful might not be by another. To success means happiness. If what I have done makes me happy than it is a success.  I know that this topic has been hammered into the ground but with it being a new year I decided to give my spill on the topic. Therefore, I have pin pointed 10 common traits that I think are the most important traits that successful people possess.

  1. Happiness- This is the most common trait in my opinion because success in doing something creates an aura of happiness. Most successful people sleep well at night and therefore awaken in a happy mood. They feel fulfilled and tend to follow their heart in their endeavors.
  2. Drive- Successful people have a vision and are focused on the path to achieve their goals. They are ambitious which fuels their passion and gives them the energy to pursuit their dreams.
  3. Confidence- Have you ever been around a person who seems to radiate with confidence? They have an aura about them that makes things seem effortless. They act like they fear failure and will do anything to succeed. People gravitate to them and could sell sand to a sheep herder in the Mojave desert.
  4. Wisdom- The ability to make the right decisions at the right time. Does this describe you? Most successful people possess this trait. They know when to sell the stock before a market downturn or they know when to buy a property before the area goes commercial. In their personal life, they marry the “right” person or just always seem to do the “right” thing. They just seem to be in the know in everything they do.
  5. Competitive- Successful people embrace competition. They even seek it out and thrive from it. The thrill of winning drives their success. The level of their competition is how they measure how successful they are.
  6. Determination- People who are successful seem to never be satisfied. They are determined to go the extra mile to succeed. They do whatever it takes to accomplish the task or goal and will stop at nothing to win.
  7. charisma- Charisma is a common trait. People like to associate with likable people. Successful people are usually well liked. They usually possess the “it” factor and possess the ability to influence people with their charm.
  8. Prepared- Successful people always have a plan. They don’t do anything without thinking it thru first. They are very well organized with an agenda for everything. My wife displays this trait. She likes to plan for everything. It bothers her to be spontaneous. If we are going on a trip, she has an agenda with detailed plans. Everything she does is on her monthly calendar showing  her schedule for the month. She has to plan for all facets of our lives or she feels lost.
  9. Never satisfied-Successful people never seem to be satisfied. They are always looking for the next opportunity or project. They always feel like there is something else they can be doing. For them to feel fulfilled, they have to feed their appetite for more. These people are your volunteers, team moms, leaders of the PTA, leaders of the group at work, and seem to feel their time with multiple things. They rarely know how to say “no” to anything.
  10. Good Communicator-Most successful people are good communicators. They not only are good speakers but they also are good listeners. They listen to what their customers or their family want and are able to deliver on their needs. They are usually eloquent speakers with a knack for keeping a captive audience.      

      Now possessing many of these qualities doesn’t guarantee that you will be successful but you will have a leg up on most. I am sure that there are many more important qualities to a successful person. Please feel free to comment with yours.


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