Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk

Tuesday night I was sitting on my couch watching the Georgia game and kept listening to the broadcasters discuss how the Georgia players were talking trash on Twitter about Notre Dame making the playoff after they stunk up the Orange bowl. I then proceeded to watch Georgia go out and lay an egg in the Sugar Bowl. This got me to thinking about the old saying if “you are going to Talk the Talk then you better walk the walk.” The players were quick to criticize the championship committee but couldn’t back it up.

This can be applied to our daily lives also. Too many times in life we go out and run our mouths about how we are going to do something but never back it up with action. We are going to lose weight or go back to school but we never follow thru. We make resolutions at the beginning of the year and never fulfill them. We create goals and often times struggle to see them thru to fruition or not achieve them at all. If we are going to speak the resolutions or goals into existence then we need to at least attempt to create a plan to succeed and see them thru. We lose interest in our ambitions and go back to life as usual. If we are going to truly succeed in life, we have to follow thru with our plans. I encourage everyone to make this year an exception and “walk the walk.”


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