A new beginning

journeyAnother year has came to a close. Each year I come up with a handful of resolutions that I want to accomplish. At the end of the year I look back and look at my progress. Most years I have failed to fulfill any of them. Sound familiar? The main reason for not accomplishing them is a lack of action. A resolution without action is nothing more than a wish. So this year I have decided to make a plan to accomplish my resolutions. Each day I am going to do one thing toward my goals. Today, I ran a 5k to work toward my goal of losing weight. Tonight, I am writing this post to fulfill my resolution to post at least 3 times a week. Tomorrow, I figured I would help my wife with her honey do list to work toward my goal of helping her more. This is going to be the hardest to fulfill.

Do you have a plan to accomplish your resolutions or are yours only suggestions for the year? Let today be a new beginning and plan for how you are going to fulfill your resolutions. Encourage others to do the same.


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