Encourage Childhood

I am an older parent.  I know this.  And as I try to get eight 11 year old boys to settle down at a spend the night party, I am convinced of it. And I think this is our third year of the same boys. I wonder how my parents did it or my friend’s parents without me remembering them fussing about leaving the door open or making things off limits or putting someone else’s kids in time out at 1:34 AM.  Maybe my kids (and their friends) will have so much fun they don’t remember that part either.  What I do hope they remember is learning how to set up tents that I knew they would not sleep in, homemade brownies and cookies that didn’t last long, waking up at 7:00 AM to play capture the flag, and eating homemade waffles and bacon.  I do hope they remember that I do care about them and want them to  become nice young men who will be respectful to adults and each other, even if I want them to go to sleep at some point.  I want them to enjoy playing and being together, instead of sitting in front of the TV.   I want them to want to come to our house when they are teenagers, so I will know they will be safe. I also want the rain to hold off today so I can banish them to outside!


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