Encourage History

I love history.  American history.  I love reading books about history and visiting places in the United States. Someone asked if I ever wanted to travel overseas, but I feel I have so many places to see in the US that are part of our history that I will never see them all. For 16 years I have worked in the same building on a historical campus.  I knew the stories I had read about the campus and how old it was, but I don’t think the realization hit me until I was told the building behind mine was an old mule barn, from the 1920s. One day I saw the windows that the mules stuck their heads out of.  I had looked at the building hundreds of times, but until I started reading about it, I had no idea the work that was done so long ago that paved the way for my generation.  Now, because of a community foundation funding its renovation after all of these years, it is going to open as a cafe.  But the windows for the mules are still there, just with glass now behind the doors.  The names of mules are penciled inside at the stalls.  There are farmer’s calculations on the wall. I encourage you to notice your surroundings and what is there that you have always looked around or didn’t see.  Our history is all around us and we are leaving our history for those after us.mule barn


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