Encourage Forgiveness

Forgiveness is something I struggle with daily. I have had someone do me wrong for a long time, and I just can’t let it go. I know in my mind that being unforgiving leads to anger and bitterness but I continue to harbor the ill feelings toward that person. I had a dual purpose when I started this site. First I wanted to encourage others through positive reinforcement. But secondly I was hoping to gain encouragement from others in correcting my own deficiencies. If you struggle with the same problem, what do you do to overcome your unforgiving feelings? Do you seek advice from others or do you solve the issue your way?  I am reaching out today for a little encouragement from anyone that can help me get past the inability to forgive. I need to do this before something happens to this person, and I regret it for the rest of my life. God has forgiven us for our sins, and I know I should forgive also. I think what is holding me back is wondering if the other person will accept my forgiveness or hurt me. I can’t worry about that though. If I have forgiven in my heart, then I can’t make them forgive. I can only control myself and no one else.

I encourage everyone today to become a more forgiving person and for me to be able to forgive also.



2 thoughts on “Encourage Forgiveness

  1. Melinda

    Hey friend, I’ve often wondered, how does Jesus do that? That being, “forgive and cast it into the sea of forgetfulness…” It must be love. I pray for my heart to love my neighbor more deeply. It’s not easy. I’m definitely not the best at forgiveness advice, but after I’ve reconciled an issue, I guard my heart/mind and resolve to move on without involvement with the hurting party. If I must remain in their presence at times, I pray for wisdom, choose my words carefully and limit my interactions. If a reconciliation leaves me with a sense of peace and calm, and I don’t feel the strong need to protect my feelings, it just gets easier. Reconciliation will be hard but necessary. Once you do, however, the real healing can begin.

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