What is your motivation?

I have coached multiple sports teams over the last twenty years and each player has their own motivation that fuels their fire to play. Some do it to impress their parents and friends. Others play for the love of the sport but each has a different motivation that gets them to play better.

This can be carried over to the workplace. Each employee has their own particular motivation to get them to perform at a higher level. As a leader, one must find out what each person’s motivation is that drives them. Some respond to the promise of higher pay while others are motivated by the thought of doing something that has meaning. Some are driven by encouragement whereas others require verbal enforcement to get them to perform. Each employee has to be treated differently to get the job done.

Take a few minutes today and evaluate what motivates you in your job. You might be surprised at what you discover. See if your motivation is more than just a paycheck.


There is no success without failure


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