Encourage Independence

One thing my parents did for me was encourage my independence.  Some may think too much because I can be very strong willed.  I was encouraged to do things on my own, even though they kept a pretty tight rein on me.  I went to camp in the 4th grade for a week where the only people I knew on that bus were the adults.  I set up and stacked wood for my dad from the time I was big enough to carry it.  I worked with my mom washing dishes and fixing food trays for her catering business.  I didn’t get an allowance for working with them. I got food and a place to live and an education without student loans.  They taught me hard work and independence.  They were at every ballgame cheering me own, when my dad wasn’t at work. They were at every thing in my life that I have ever done, cheering me on every step of the way and picking up the pieces when it didn’t always work out.  Now we have our own children.  Our 7 year is an independent as they come. One day we will appreciate his independent nature, but right now we have to remind ourselves of that daily.  He has been wanting his own you tube channel to create The Adventures of Eli.  He has it all planned out. He told us what all he would do, and that he needs a GoPro to do it.  Why should we not encourage him?  Encouraging children can only help them in the long run.  Encouraging adults can only help them too. I don’t think you can encourage anyone enough.  My goal this week is to encourage more people at work and my family more at home.   I “get to”, not I “have to”.


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