Encourage not discourage

There are a lot of things I could talk about with this title, but I want to focus on encouraging and not discouraging those who give of their time to work with other people’s children.  I know why people don’t want to volunteer to work with kids.  It is because that no matter how hard you try, someone is going complain, not be happy, and criticize.  It takes a person with a thick skin and a gracious heart to work with other’s kids in today’s world.  Those who complain the most, are also those who don’t volunteer.  Because if they did volunteer their time, they would know how it feels.  I sat at the ball field today watching parents yell at coaches and question their decisions.  They yelled at the referees too, but at least they are getting paid.  Have they ever coached?  Are they not coaching now because of how parents treated them?  I encourage you, before you fuss about someone who is giving time to your kids, why aren’t you out their giving your time too?


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