Encourage Brainstorming

Today was a great day at work.  I sat around with co-workers (all online though), and all we did was brainstorm.  I had some open ended questions because I needed some feedback.  They had some great ideas on pieces of their job where they needed help and/or tools.  Some were easier to do than others.  Some were very easy to do that would make their jobs easier.  Some are above my pay-grade but I can pass them along.  I now have a lot of great ideas and some good feedback to pass along. I encourage you to find a friend or co-worker and just talk.  Brainstorm things to make you happy and excited about what is bothering you or that you need an opinion on. This group decided they wanted to meet every Friday and just talk.  While we can’t do it each week, I do want to encourage more brainstorming that leads to great ideas.



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