Leaving the World a Better Place

If you passed away tomorrow, would you be leaving the world a better place for having lived your life? How quickly would your family and friends forget your personality, your laugh, what you stood for? Most people live their whole life and don’t leave a mark. I strongly believe that the lord has put each one of us here for a reason and that we should seek our true calling. It is our responsibility to find that calling and influence others in a positive way.

I had the pleasure of knowing one such man who had a vision to share his faith with his fellow co-workers and created a legacy for many years to come. Although I knew Chaplain Joe Hunter more in passing than on a personal level, I was very familiar with what he created and stood for. Chaplain Joe founded Truckstop Ministries with the intention of sharing his faith with fellow truckers and supplying a ministry for those who spent the majority of their time on the lonesome highways. At the time of his passing last week, there were 74 chapels spread across 28 states. This feat shows me what a man with a strong vision and conviction for his faith can accomplish. Chaplain Joe left this world a better place and will be missed.

Are you living a life with purpose?  Find your true passion and live the world a better place. Rest in Peace Joe!


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