Encourage Experiences

My house is a mess.  The yard needs mowing.  I have suitcases half unpacked from last week.  Clothes need washing/folding.  No matter what I have on my to-do-list, which is long and gets longer, I will always try to say yes to experiences.  I think we can teach our children and others through experiences.  When my children are grown, I hope they will remember the adventures we have had as a family.  I have no doubt in my mind that they will not think twice about driving into the city, parking, and doing something fun; they will know how to call Uber for a ride; they can navigate security at the airport like a frequent flyer (and have since they were little); they can use GPS to get places they have never been; and they can figure out the mass transit systems in large cities like Washington, DC and New York.  We have laid a foundation for them to try to things by encouraging experiences.  I encourage you to try new experiences and get out of your comfort zone.


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