Almost Enough

Have you ever felt almost was not good enough?  What did you decide to do when almost was not enough?  Last week we had our garage, porch, and driveway cleaned.  Let me explain.  We have been in our house 11 years.  It is time to do some home improvement projects.   We had the house painted.  We painted rooms inside.  Dennis built a walkway but that is another “almost enough” story.  We have many other projects to do.  We decided next was to paint the garage floor.  Our 10 year old dog, Lila, has a nice brown spot by the door. Some paint can exploded 10 years ago on the floor. The pressure washer did great, but not good enough.  So, we started painting and using sprinkles to add color.  I told Dennis not to put so many sprinkles, but he assured me we had enough.  When we got to the end, we had “almost enough”. Dennis assured me that when we filled the garage back up with all of our stuff, no one would notice the section with only a few sprinkles.  We had more than enough paint and didn’t want it to go to waste and the front porch had red Georgia clay on it, so we started painting.  As we got closer and closer to the last 10 feet, Dennis kept saying “we will have almost enough”.  We got every last drop out of the can, off brushes, and what we had spilled on ourselves.  We had “almost enough” to finish.  But we didn’t.  So tomorrow we will go buy some more, try to blend the color, and end up wasting half a gallon like we would have if we had stopped at the garage.  When you feel almost is not enough, take a step back, punt, and move on.  Life is not perfect, neither are my sprinkles, and the color probably won’t be exact on the front porch.  But in the big scheme of life, it won’t make a difference. What we made tonight were memories of all four of us working together, stepping in paint, our 7 year old’s taping job (as seen in the picture), and us looking like Smurfs covered in paint.  Almost enough will be enough by tomorrow with laughs to go along with it!

pic porch


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