No is one of the first words children learn.  No is a simple word that is very powerful.  The week at work, I watched a lot of children win their competition and a lot of children be told no, they were not winners.  In my opening meeting with the youth from my area, I told them on average 1 out of 4 would win at the end of the week, but the others learned so much through the process of preparing.  28 years ago, at the same competition, I was told no. But that no, became a lesson I would always be able to share with those who had tears in their eyes who were told no.  If I had been told yes, I would not have the opportunity to share how I felt in their shoes.  Now, 28 years ago, I did not understand the no.  Johnelle Simpson, the speaker at the Georgia 4-H State Congress tonight said, “No is not a word that means quit.  It’s an acronym that stands for New Opportunity.”  That is so true.  Look at each NO as a New Opportunity.


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