Power of Positivity

Do you feel like we live in a society in which everything is negative? Everything on the news is bad news? The constant negativity has a direct correlation on your mood and how you perceive your surroundings. I have always considered myself to be “blessed” because I have a pretty good life but there are days in which I am mad and don’t know why.  Is it the negativity in the world that is dragging me down or am I the negative influence?

This got me to thinking about what I can do to think more positive. So I started doing some research on the internet and came across a story that talked about a study that was done involving two groups of people who were considering a medical procedure. The first group was informed about the procedure and told that it had a 70% success rate. The second group was also informed about the medical procedure but were told that it had a 30% failure rate. Both groups were given the same information but in different words. The first group that had the positive outlook were all on board to do the procedure but only 50 % of the second group were interested in having the procedure performed. If I was in the second group, I would be reluctant to have the procedure also.

The same can be said about our thoughts and words that we speak. Positive thoughts on a situation can transform a bad event into a positive event. It can change a bad mood into a good mood especially when you don’t know why you are mad. Some people are always going to be negative because they like the drama in their lives so surround yourself with positive people. Make it a point to smile at everyone you meet during the day, it can be contagious. The most important thing though is too be grateful for everything that you have including the trials and tribulations. We should always thank the lord for what he has given us and not be jealous of what he hasn’t.

So join me today and challenge yourself to only have positive thoughts and see the impact we can have on others.


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