1:14 AM Pep Talk

The first pep talk of the day came at 1:14 AM when I had to get up because I ate watermelon for dinner. “4 more hours of sleep, should I not get up and walk at 5:20?” The next pep talk came at 4:30 AM when Dennis kissed me good-bye to leave for the gym.  “50 more minutes, I can fall back asleep”.  I did.  When my alarm started buzzing at 5:20 AM I thought “Do I really want to go walk or sleep until 6:00?”  But Fluffy the cat heard my alarm so she jumped on the bed.  I wanted to stalk Facebook anyway, so I got up, put my shoes on, and went upstairs to the treadmill.  30 minutes later, I am glad I did.  I have taken about two months off from my morning walk because of our crazy summer schedule, but just like you, I know the benefits of 30 minutes of exercise.  Did you know that morning exercise will boost your metabolism and kick it in gear?  You are more likely to stick to a morning routine because it is a consistent time.  You won’t have as many distractions.  It will improve your mood.  There will be one things off your to-do-list for the day.  Why do we do it?  We had children later in life, and I do mean later, so we want to do everything possible to be healthy and watch our children grow up.  I know mornings are hard, but when the house starts to wake up and the kids come to my room, I will be awake and dressed and ready to start the day.


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